Fabulous Friday! Free For All Challenge # 17

It’s Fabulous Friday at the Stader house and we are giving thanks for a wonderful week and looking forward to a great weekend and especially Father’s Day.  I hope you and your family are getting ready to celebrate this special day honoring Father’s who are still with us and those who are with Jesus. 

The F4A (Free for All) Challenge today is to create a tribute to our best animal friend.  Well, as you all know, her name is Shelby and she is just about the prettiest dog you will ever see. Shelby Spring 2010 She’s 14 and even though she doesn’t act like a puppy anymore, she still LOOKS young.  And, when she goes to the doggie salon for a trim, she looks 10 lbs. lighter.  Maybe I should start going to her salon – lol!

This card is one of my favorites.  I love this little boy loving on his best friend.  I am so glad that I am blessed with many friends, aren’t you?

Best Friend - no SCS 

Designer paper, cardstock, brads, twine, ink and markers all by Stampin’ Up!. 

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